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All staff at the Department of Chemistry

Aggelund, Patrick AlexanderPaid by the hour  
Aliti, LiridonPhD student  E-mail
Aloula, Mohannad KhaledPaid by the hour  E-mail
Andersen, AnetteLaboratory technician +45 287-50145E-mail
Andersen, Catia Correa GoncalvesLaboratory technician +45 353-24899E-mail
Andersen, Cecilie LindholmPhD student  E-mail
Andersen, Connie HegelundProject finance administrator +45 353-21441E-mail
Andersen, DiannaStudent  
Andersen, Mads Peter SulbækAffiliate associate professor  E-mail
Andersen, Nicolaj NylandstedPhD student  E-mail
Andersson, Martin PeterAssociate professor +45 353-20280E-mail
Anker, Andy SodeStudent assistant  E-mail
Arenz, MatthiasGuest researcher  E-mail
Arnarson, LogiPostdoc  E-mail
Arppe-Tabbara, Riikka MatleenaPostdoc  E-mail
Ataman, EvrenAssistant professor  
Aurehøj, DianeAdministrative coordinator +45 353-20161E-mail
Avery, John ScalesEmeritus  E-mail
Baden, Jeppe KnudsenCommunications officer +45 353-33351E-mail
Bagger, AlexanderPhD student  E-mail
Balogh, Zoltan ImrePhD student +45 353-20262E-mail
Batchelor, Thomas Anthony AndreasPhD student  E-mail
Bech, Esben MatzenPhD student +45 28 92 23 89E-mail
Bender Koch, ChristianAssociate professor +45 30 57 64 50E-mail
Bendix, JesperProfessor +45 353-20101E-mail
Bertseva, ElenaPostdoc  E-mail
Birkving, PeterAssistant engineer +45 51 70 01 26E-mail
Bisballe, NielsPhD Fellow  E-mail
Bjerking, Charlotte NybroInstructor  
Bjerrum, Morten JannikProfessor +45 29 26 04 52E-mail
Bjørn, Maria BruunLaboratory technician +45 353-34441E-mail
Bjørnholst, Martin AlexPhD student +45 353-20324E-mail
Blixt, Klas OlaProfessor +46761486838E-mail
Boesen, Josephine TuborgResearch assistant  
Bogh, Sidsel AmmitzbøllPhD student +45 353-20158E-mail
Bogh, Sidsel AmmitzbøllResearch assistant +45 353-20158E-mail
Bols, MikaelHead of department +45 353-20160E-mail
Bonde, Niels AndreasInstructor  
Bovet, Nicolas EmileAssociate professor +45 353-20236E-mail
Boye, Ida Marie IngmerStudent  E-mail
Brandt, Steen GeorgDepartment administrator +45 287-50221E-mail
Breuer, ArtuResearch assistant  E-mail
Brock-Nannestad, TheisAcademic staff +45 20 18 01 51E-mail
Bruns, StefanPostdoc +45 21 18 11 60E-mail
Buch, Christian DirkPhD student +45 353-30655E-mail
Cacciarini, MartinaGuest researcher  E-mail
Calverley, Martin JohnGuest researcher +45 51 92 94 20E-mail
Castelli, Ivano EligioPostdoc +45 53 53 84 91E-mail
Ceccato, MarcelPostdoc  E-mail
Cerretani, CeciliaPhD fellow +45 353-34122E-mail
Christensen, Jørn BolstadAssociate professor +45 353-32452E-mail
Christensen, Niels JohanPostdoc  E-mail
Christiansen, Troels LindahlPhD student +45 29 91 11 12E-mail
Clausen, Per AxelAffiliate Professor +45 39 16 52 73E-mail
Clausen, Tanja LainePhD student +45 353-20156E-mail
Cui, AjuanPostdoc  E-mail
Dalby, Kim NicoleAssociate professor +45 21 18 11 58E-mail
Davies, Bethan Jane VenceslauPhD student +45 52 72 65 73E-mail
Desplats, ClareResearch academic officer  
Dideriksen, KnudAssociate professor +45 353-20156E-mail
Diness, FrederikAssociate professor +45 353-20257E-mail
Divanis, SpyridonPhD fellow  E-mail
Downey, Elisabeth FfionPhD student  E-mail
Drostgaard, Vibe Aarøe ThyboAcademic research officer +45 22 26 80 92E-mail
Døring, HeidiProject finance administrator +45 353-36443E-mail
Døssing, Anders RørbækAssociate professor +45 353-20114E-mail
Eglund, HanneAdministrative coordinator +45 353-21468E-mail
Ekman-Gregersen, BrianLaboratory technician +45 353-36987E-mail
Embaby, AhmedResearch assistant +45 353-20257E-mail
Engholm, EbbePostdoc  E-mail
Erichsen, Andreas KjærPaid by the hour  
Erichsen, Andreas KjærPaid by the hour  
Eriksen, KristinaPhD student +45 20 77 14 08E-mail
Ernst, Heidi AsschenfeldtAssistant professor  E-mail
Escudero Escribano, MariaAssistant professor +45 353-28390E-mail
Evers, MarianneProject administrator +45 353-34441E-mail
Forrester, Harry Michael JosephPaid by the hour  
Frandsen, Kristian Erik HøpfnerGuest researcher +45 353-20264E-mail
Frankær, Christian GrundahlPostdoc  E-mail
Frankær, Christian GrundahlGuest researcher  E-mail
Frederiksen, Laura Olivia DalskovInstructor +45 30 24 02 01
Fumi, ErikPhD student  E-mail
Funch, TineDeputy manager +45 353-20120E-mail
fwc690, fwc690Visitor  E-mail
Garner, Marc HamiltonPhD student  E-mail
Gelardi, Rikke MunchPhD student  E-mail
Gelardi, Rikke MunchResearch assistant  E-mail
Ghale, GarimaPostdoc +45 353-20482E-mail
Gonçalves, JulianaPhD student  E-mail
Gotfredsen, HenrikPhD student  E-mail
Hakim, Sepideh SadatPhD student +45 353-20273E-mail
Hammelev, Christian HerrstedtInstructor  
Hammerich, OleEmeritus +45 287-51801E-mail
Hammershøi, AndersAssociate professor +45 353-20110E-mail
Hammerum, SteenEmeritus +45 353-20208E-mail
Han, JingGuest researcher  E-mail
Hansen, EmilPhD  E-mail
Hansen, Mia HarringPhD student  E-mail
Hansen, Morten BorreVisitor  E-mail
Hansen, Morten BorreVisitor  
Hansen, Nicolai Steen BrobergInstructor  
Hansen, ThorstenAssociate professor +45 22 29 57 28E-mail
Harnung, Sven EgilAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-20105E-mail
Hassenkam, TueAssociate professor +45 353-20232E-mail
Hatzakis, NikosAssociate professor +45 353-34502E-mail
He, LanPhD student +45 353-20158E-mail
Hemmingsen, Lars Bo StegeagerAssociate professor +45 22 34 17 82E-mail
Holm-Jørgensen, Jacob RørdamGuest researcher  E-mail
Holst, Niels VissingLaboratory technician +45 51 48 93 95E-mail
Holst-Olesen, KasparPhD student  E-mail
Holten, Anders LærkePhD student +45 353-20132E-mail
Hu, HongxiaPhD student +45 52 65 42 55E-mail
Hunding, AxelEmeritus +45 51 33 09 12E-mail
Hussain, Kishwar JabeenGuest researcher  
Hvid-Olsen, ThorPaid by the hour  
Høeg-Jensen, ThomasAffiliate Professor  
Inaba, MasanoriPhD student  E-mail
Jacobsen, Rune ShimPostdoc  E-mail
Jakobsen, Helene HagemannPaid by the hour  
Jakobsen, Rasmus KlammtPhD student  E-mail
Jelavic, StanislavPhD student +45 353-20236E-mail
Jensen, Alexander Christian ØPhD student +45 39 16 52 00E-mail
Jensen, Anders SjølundPostdoc  E-mail
Jensen, Anders SjølundPhD student  E-mail
Jensen, Anders WestergaardPhD student  E-mail
Jensen, Jan HalborgProfessor +45 51 82 69 85E-mail
Jensen, Jesper DahlStudent assistant  
Jensen, Kim DegnPostdoc +45 353-36287E-mail
Jensen, Kirsten Marie ØrnsbjergAssistant professor +45 353-34797E-mail
Jensen, Knud JørgenProfessor +45 21 51 67 21E-mail
Jensen, Simon BoPhD fellow +45 353-37699E-mail
Jeppesen, AnnePhD student  E-mail
Jespersen, Malte FrydenlundPhD fellow  E-mail
Jin, ChengjunPostdoc  E-mail
Johansen, Michael KlarskovAssistant engineer +45 24 95 96 18E-mail
Johnson, Matthew StanleyProfessor +45 40 49 89 21E-mail
Juelsholt, MikkelPhD  E-mail
Juhl, MartinPhD student  E-mail
Junker, Anne Kathrine RavnsborgPhD student  E-mail
Junker, Anne Kathrine RavnsborgResearch assistant  E-mail
Jørgensen, Frederik PræstholmPhD student  E-mail
Jørgensen, SolvejgAssociate professor +45 353-20204E-mail
Jürgensen, Benjamin JønchIT officer +45 353-31504E-mail
Kacenauskaite, LauraPhD Fellow  E-mail
Kadziola, AndersAssociate professor +45 30 57 27 63E-mail
Kalomoiri, PanagiotaPhD student  E-mail
Kamounah, Fadhil SAssistant professor  E-mail
Kehler, JanAffiliate Professor +45 30 83 32 32E-mail
Kilde, Martin DrøhsePhD student  E-mail
Kjeldsen, Mette Lützen HoffPhD student  E-mail
Kjærgaard, Henrik GrumProfessor +45 353-20334E-mail
Kjærsgaard, AlexanderPhD fellow +45 353-26228E-mail
Knap, Hasse ChristianGuest researcher +45 61 60 87 60E-mail
Knudsen, Rasmus MelandPaid by the hour  
Kofod, NicolajPhD student +45 61 37 89 69E-mail
Kofoed, ChristianPhD student  E-mail
Kosmidis, EleftheriosPhD fellow  
Kovacic, MonikaPhD student  E-mail
Kowalska, KarolinaPhD student  E-mail
Kragh, Rasmus RefsgaardStudent assistant  
Krarup, HelenePart-time lecturer  E-mail
Krause, StefanPostdoc  E-mail
Krog, Lasse SkjoldborgPaid by the hour  
Kromann, Jimmy CharnleyPhD student  E-mail
Kutlusoy, TugcePhD fellow  E-mail
Kühnel, MartinPostdoc +45 20 61 70 19E-mail
Lakshtanov, LeonidResearcher  E-mail
Langhorn, Line MaluePhD student  E-mail
Langtoft, Heino TheodorAssistant engineer +45 40 49 90 48E-mail
Larsen, Emil Mickey HilligsøeInstructor  
Larsen, ErikEmeritus  E-mail
Larsen, Niels WesselEmeritus +45 23 80 59 11E-mail
Larsen, SineProfessor emerita +45 353-20282E-mail
Lauritsen, LinePhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Laursen, Bo WeggeProfessor +45 353-21881E-mail
Led, Jens J.Emeritus  E-mail
Lee, JiwoongAssistant professor +45 353-33312E-mail
Li, QianVisitor  E-mail
Lissau, Henriette SchjøttPostdoc +45 353-20207E-mail
Lissau, Henriette SchjøttPhD student +45 353-20207E-mail
Lissau, Jonas SandbyPostdoc  E-mail
Liu, ZilongPhD student +45 21 18 11 79E-mail
Lo Leggio, LeilaAssociate professor +45 353-20295E-mail
Lo Leggio, LeilaProfessor +45 353-20295E-mail
Lousen, BodilPhD fellow  E-mail
Lyster, KjertanPhD student +45 61 60 74 49E-mail
Madsen, DanielPhD student  E-mail
Madsen, Hans Erik LundagerEmeritus  E-mail
Madsen, Mads KoerstzPhD student  E-mail
Madsen, Thanh HolmLaboratory technician +45 93 56 58 61E-mail
Mala, Patrycja  E-mail
Mandal, AugustStudent assistant  
Mangayayam, Marco Lloyd CasicasPhD student +45 53 56 39 83E-mail
Mansø, MadsPhD student  E-mail
Martinez, Karen LaurenceAssociate professor +45 353-20475E-mail
Mathiesen, Jette KatjaPhD fellow  E-mail
Meldal, Morten PeterProfessor +45 353-20210E-mail
Mikkelsen, Kurt ValentinProfessor +45 51 37 42 11E-mail
Mishra, Narendra KumarPostdoc  
Mitcov, DmitriPostdoc  E-mail
Moaddel Haghighi, ArashPhD student +45 353-20318E-mail
Montanari, GiuliaPhD student +45 353-20223E-mail
Mortensen, LoneSecretary +45 353-20300E-mail
Moses, Matias EmilPhD student  E-mail
Møller, Kristian HoltenPhD student  E-mail
Møller, Mads PeterPhD student +45 353-20482E-mail
Mønsted, Ole VråEmeritus +45 353-20126E-mail
Müter, DirkAssistant professor +45 353-20318E-mail
Nawrocki, Patrick RenéPaid by the hour  
Nielsen, Anne RathPhD student +45 21 18 11 03E-mail
Nielsen, Bjarke TheilStudent assistant  
Nielsen, Bjarne EnricoPhD student +45 353-35333E-mail
Nielsen, Daniel SteenPostdoc  E-mail
Nielsen, JulieResearch assistant +45 353-34484E-mail
Nielsen, Lea GundorffPhD student  E-mail
Nielsen, Michael MartinPhD Fellow  E-mail
Nielsen, Mogens BrøndstedProfessor +45 51 70 01 44E-mail
Nielsen, Ole FaurskovEmeritus +45 353-20321E-mail
Nielsen, Ole JohnProfessor +45 353-20331E-mail
Nielsen, Søren Schmidt-RasmussenPhD student  E-mail
Nielsen, Tine BuskjærCentre coordinator +45 353-27387E-mail
Niora, MariaResearch assistant +45 353-26205E-mail
Nissen, LoneEducation coordinator +45 353-21822E-mail
Nyeland, CarlEmeritus  E-mail
Nørgaard, KasperAssociate professor +45 29 17 64 81E-mail
Okhrimenko, DenisAssistant professor +45 353-20122E-mail
Oliveira, TeresaPostdoc  E-mail
Orlowski, Dominik BartlomiejPhD student +45 353-26438E-mail
Otkjær, Rasmus VangloPhD student  E-mail
Overgaard, Marc HvidPhD student +45 353-30667E-mail
Pallada, StavroulaPhD student  E-mail
Palmer, DanielPostdoc  E-mail
Paolucci, ValentinaPhD student  E-mail
Pedersen, Christian MarcusAssociate professor +45 353-20190E-mail
Pedersen, Jack KirkStudent  
Pedersen, Jack KirkInstructor  
Pedersen, Jack KirkStudent  
Pedersen, Lisa OnsbergProject finance administrator +45 353-21443E-mail
Pedersen, Martin JægerPostdoc  E-mail
Pedersen, Morten RimmenPhD student +45 353-20269E-mail
Pedersen, Pernille DalsgaardPaid by the hour  
Pedersen, Stephan KorsgaardPhD student  E-mail
Perfetti, MauroPostdoc  E-mail
Petersen, Allan ChristianGuest researcher  E-mail
Petersen, Barba PætursdottirLaboratory technician +45 40 18 63 49E-mail
Petersen, Jonatan BirchStudent assistant  
Petersen, Jonatan BirchStudent assistant  
Petersen-Sonn, Emma AmaliePaid by the hour  E-mail
Piligkos, StergiosAssociate professor +45 353-20118E-mail
Pinholt, HenrikPaid by the hour  
Pirrotta, AlessandroAssistant lecturer +45 353-20253E-mail
Pittelkow, MichaelAssociate professor +45 353-20155E-mail
Poulsen, Felipe Mathias GodoyPhD student  E-mail
Poulsen, Jens-Christian NavarroAcademic staff +45 61 33 44 58E-mail
Quinson, JonathanPostdoc lE-mail
Rasmussen, Kim KrighaarAssistant professor +45 353-20264E-mail
Rasmussen, Maria HarrisPaid by the hour  
Regen-Pregizer, Benjamin LukasPaid by the hour  
Reinholdt, AndersPhD student  E-mail
Reinholdt, Anne SchouPhD student  E-mail
Reischer, MarkusPhD student  E-mail
Ren, XinyiPostdoc  E-mail
Rettrup, StenEmeritus +45 353-20281E-mail
Rios Carvajal, TatianaPhD student +45 21 18 11 79E-mail
Rosenfeldt, MadsPaid by the hour  
Rosenfeldt, MadsPaid by the hour  
Rossmeisl, JanProfessor +45 50 71 95 84E-mail
Ruhoff, Victoria ThusgaardPaid by the hour  
Salinas, Nina Katharina GravesenPhD student  E-mail
Sand, Karina KrarupAssistant professor +45 353-20223E-mail
Santella, MarcoPostdoc +45 93 56 50 67E-mail
Saric, ManuelPostdoc +45 60 21 74 31E-mail
Sauer, Stephan P. A.Professor with special responsibilities +45 353-20268E-mail
Schmidt, Johan AlbrechtGuest researcher  E-mail
Schnack-Petersen, Anna KristinaInstructor  
Schoffelen, SanneAssistant professor  E-mail
Schuppli, Anna HjerresenVisitor +45 353-26577E-mail
Schwalbe, ChristianLaboratory technician +45 21 32 84 67E-mail
Scott, Søren BertelsenPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Shafiq, MehnazLaboratory technician +45 93 56 53 78E-mail
Sievers, Gustav WilhelmPostdoc +45 353-37826E-mail
Sievers, Gustav WilhelmPostdoc +45 353-37826E-mail
Silvioli, LucaPhD student  E-mail
Singh, Raushan KumarPostdoc  E-mail
Siwiec, Oliwia PatrycjaLaboratory assistant +45 52 61 33 88E-mail
Skov, Anders BoPhD student  E-mail
Solomon, Gemma C.Associate professor +45 353-20215E-mail
Sprenger, JaninaPostdoc  E-mail
Stamou, DimitriosProfessor +45 353-20479E-mail
Stipp, Susan Louise SvaneProfessor +45 353-20202E-mail
Storm, Freja EilsøPhD fellow  E-mail
Strandberg, MariaProject finance administrator +45 353-21800E-mail
Strohsnitter, Amelia WinterVisitor  
Sun, WeichaoPhD student +45 52 81 77 87E-mail
Szunyogh, Daniel MihalyPostdoc +45 28 43 30 38E-mail
Sølling, Theis IvanProfessor +45 93 56 54 72E-mail
Sønderholm, KarinaAdministrative officer +45 353-20011E-mail
Sørensen, Henning OsholmAssociate professor +45 51 68 04 94E-mail
Sørensen, Kasper KildegaardAssistant professor  E-mail
Sørensen, Mikkel AgerbækPhD student  E-mail
Sørensen, Preben GraaeEmeritus +45 353-20246E-mail
Sørensen, Thomas JustAssociate professor +45 353-20213E-mail
Tan, YaoyaoPhD student  
Tandrup, TobiasPhD fellow  E-mail
Thomsen, JohannesPhD Fellow  E-mail
Thomsen, Maria StormInstructor  
Thorsen, Lauge SvenInstructor  
Thorsen, Lauge SvenStudent assistant  
Thulstrup, Peter WaabenAssociate professor +45 31 12 60 51E-mail
Thygesen, Mikkel BoasAssociate professor +45 353-32439E-mail
Tiwari, Manish KumarAssistant professor  E-mail
Tobler, Dominique JeanetteAssociate professor +45 21 18 11 04E-mail
Tortzen, ChristianTechnical manager +45 353-20176E-mail
Trempenau, AndersIT officer  
Trempenau, AndersStudent assistant  
Turgeneva, Kristina GeorgievnaLaboratory technician +45 20 36 41 15E-mail
Udmark, JonasPhD student +45 353-20207E-mail
Ulfkjær, AnnePostdoc +45 353-20168E-mail
Vagianou, Charikleia DespoinaResearch assistant  E-mail
Van Genuchten, CaseGuest researcher  E-mail
Varming, Anders KokkenborgPhD fellow  E-mail
Venner, Joseph Alphons Gerard F MPaid by the hour  
Veshaguri, SalomePostdoc +45 353-20385E-mail
Vinas Munoz, AlbertoLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Vinum, Morten GottholdResearch assistant +45 28 40 36 32E-mail
Vlasceanu, AlexandruPostdoc  E-mail
Vlasceanu, AlexandruPostdoc  E-mail
Vogelius, StephanPaid by the hour  E-mail
Vosch, Tom André JosAssociate professor +45 353-20313E-mail
Vrang, NielsAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Wallberg, Jens WindeløvPhD student  E-mail
Wan, HaoResearch assistant  
Warren, Julia MichellePhD student  E-mail
Waters, Max Durham JamesLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Weihe, HøgniAssociate professor +45 353-20123E-mail
Wendel, Ulrika Anna MariaPhD student  E-mail
West, KeldEmeritus +45 353-20224E-mail
Wolfram, MartinPhD student +45 353-20483E-mail
Wolkoff, PederAffiliate Professor +45 39 16 52 72E-mail
Wu, ShunliangResearch assistant  E-mail
Yang, YangPhD student  E-mail
Yang, YiAssistant professor +45 353-20122E-mail
Yu, WeijiaPhD student  E-mail
Zhang, MinPostdoc  E-mail
Ögren, Hans MagnusGuest researcher +45 353-20122E-mail
Østergaard, MadsResearch assistant +45 353-37801E-mail
Østergaard, Thomas MandalResearch assistant  
Østerlid, Kitt EmiliePaid by the hour  
Øwre, AndersPaid by the hour