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Technical and administrative staff

Aloula, Mohannad KhaledPaid by the hour  E-mail
Andersen, AnetteLaboratory technician +45 287-50145E-mail
Andersen, Catia Correa GoncalvesLaboratory technician +45 353-24899E-mail
Andersen, Connie HegelundProject finance administrator +45 353-21441E-mail
Andersen, DiannaStudent  
Anker, Andy SodeStudent assistant  E-mail
Anker, Andy SodeStudent adviser  E-mail
Aurehøj, DianeAdministrative coordinator +45 353-20161E-mail
Baden, Jeppe KnudsenCommunications officer +45 353-33351E-mail
Birkving, PeterAssistant engineer +45 51 70 01 26E-mail
Bjørn, Maria BruunLaboratory technician +45 353-34441E-mail
Bols, MikaelHead of department +45 353-20160E-mail
Boye, Ida Marie IngmerStudent  E-mail
Brock-Nannestad, TheisAcademic staff +45 20 18 01 51E-mail
Desplats, ClareResearch academic officer  
Drostgaard, Vibe Aarøe ThyboAcademic research officer  E-mail
Døring, HeidiProject finance administrator +45 353-36443E-mail
Eglund, HanneAdministrative coordinator +45 353-21468E-mail
Ekman-Gregersen, BrianLaboratory technician +45 353-36987E-mail
Evers, MarianneProject administrator +45 353-34441E-mail
Fateminia, SeyedmohammadaliPaid by the hour  E-mail
Forrester, Harry Michael JosephPaid by the hour  
Funch, TineDeputy manager +45 353-20120E-mail
Hansen, Jonathan Kirschner SolbergPaid by the hour +45 353-26655E-mail
Holst, Niels VissingLaboratory technician +45 51 48 93 95E-mail
Hvid-Olsen, ThorPaid by the hour  
Hvid-Olsen, ThorStudent adviser  E-mail
Jensen, Jesper DahlStudent assistant  
Johansen, Michael KlarskovAssistant engineer +45 24 95 96 18E-mail
Jørgensen, SolvejgAssociate professor +45 353-20204E-mail
Jørgensen, SolvejgDepartment administrator +45 353-20204E-mail
Jürgensen, Benjamin JønchIT officer +45 353-31504E-mail
Knudsen, Rasmus MelandPaid by the hour  
Kragh, Rasmus RefsgaardStudent assistant  
Krog, Lasse SkjoldborgStudent adviser  E-mail
Krog, Lasse SkjoldborgPaid by the hour  
Langtoft, Heino TheodorAssistant engineer +45 40 49 90 48E-mail
Madsen, Thanh HolmLaboratory technician +45 93 56 58 61E-mail
Mandal, AugustStudent assistant  
Mortensen, LoneSecretary +45 353-20300E-mail
Nawrocki, Patrick RenéPaid by the hour  
Nielsen, Bjarke TheilStudent assistant  
Nielsen, Tine BuskjærCentre coordinator +45 353-27387E-mail
Nissen, LoneEducation coordinator +45 353-21822E-mail
Oliveira, TeresaAcademic employee  E-mail
Pedersen, Jack KirkStudent  
Pedersen, Jack KirkStudent  
Petersen, Barba PætursdottirLaboratory technician +45 40 18 63 49E-mail
Petersen, Jonatan BirchStudent assistant  
Petersen, Jonatan BirchStudent assistant  
Petersen-Sonn, Emma AmaliePaid by the hour  E-mail
Pinholt, HenrikPaid by the hour  
Poulsen, Jens-Christian NavarroAcademic staff +45 61 33 44 58E-mail
Regen-Pregizer, Benjamin LukasPaid by the hour  
Rosenfeldt, MadsPaid by the hour  
Ruhoff, Victoria ThusgaardPaid by the hour  
Schlichtkrull, Michala Yun-Joo SAcademic administrative officer +45 353-32881E-mail
Schwalbe, ChristianLaboratory technician +45 21 32 84 67E-mail
Shafiq, MehnazLaboratory technician +45 93 56 53 78E-mail
Siwiec, Oliwia PatrycjaLaboratory assistant +45 52 61 33 88E-mail
Strandberg, MariaProject finance administrator +45 353-21800E-mail
Sønderholm, KarinaAdministrative officer +45 353-20011E-mail
Thorsen, Lauge SvenStudent assistant  
Tortzen, ChristianTechnical manager +45 353-20176E-mail
Trempenau, AndersStudent assistant  
Trempenau, AndersIT officer  
Turgeneva, Kristina GeorgievnaLaboratory technician +45 20 36 41 15E-mail
Venner, Joseph Alphons Gerard F MPaid by the hour  
Vinas Munoz, AlbertoLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Waters, Max Durham JamesLaboratory assistant  E-mail