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02 August 2013

Slim chances for hopeful bachelor students at CHEM

Bachelor applicants

No less than 72 applicants chose chemistry as their first priority in 2013 and so far the University of Copenhagen has pledged as many as 77 spaces to prospective chemistry bachelors. None the less there’s still a chance of getting a chair and a test tube in the instruction locales of the Department of Chemistry, says Head of Department Mikael Bols.

"We can still justify admitting more students.!

Mikael Bols

Head of Department

Dept. of Chemistry

“Since 2011 we have increased our capacity from 75 to 90 students per year so we can still justify admitting more students. But if this situation had arisen three years ago it would have been necessary to limit the enrollment”, says the Head of Department who is very happy that so many high school graduates have chosen to study his subject.

Link to homepage for non-Danish students thinking about studying for their chemistry M.Sc. in Copenhagen

Bigger labs, more tutors means more spaces

One reason that the University is able to house more chemistry students this year is that the teaching laboratories are all recently refurbished and enlarged. The Department has also hired several new researchers in recent years, all of whom are capable of teaching classes, so no new student need lack inspirational tutors.

Staff and students worked hard to improve image of chemistry

The many applicants come as a welcome surprise, as the level of applications has been hovering around the 50’ mark for some years. The sudden bump to more than 70 could be caused by the fact that chemistry has seen decades of full employment in Denmark. Another possibility is, that staff as well as students has been hard at work telling the world what an exciting subject chemistry is, says Mikael Bols.

“Our researchers have been giving lots of lectures about how chemistry delivers the solutions to some of the most pressing challenges for society. We have also seen chemistry students visiting their old High Schools to tell of the professionally meaningful aspects of the subject. But also about the socially rewarding student life they have all met at the Department”, says Mikael Bols and concludes: “We are very excited about meeting the new class, and helping them transform themselves into skilled, useful and creative chemists”.