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06 December 2012

Nobel laureate from CHEM in world's oldest publication

Since 1479 the University of Copenhagen has published its so called “Almanak”. With a 533 year publication run, the almanak is the world’s oldest book series still in publication. This year, the Almanak unfolds a theme on the Nobel prizes. Among them, CHEMs own Nobel Laureate.

Professor Ole John Nielsen, Nobelpristager

The "wrong" Nobel prize

In the entire history of Nobel’s illustrious awards only 14 Danes have received the honour. One of these laureates is Ole John Nielsen, professor in chemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

But the plaque gracing a wall in Professor Nielsen’s office has been awarded in Oslo, not Stockholm. It is not a chemistry prize but a peace prize. And he got it together with the International panel on climate change and Al Gore.

Almanak 2013

Woodchuck guidebook for science geeks

Read the noteworthy story of the atmospheric chemist who was one of the peace-prize winners in the UN International Panel on Climate Change, in the Almanak for the year of our Lord 2013.

Apart from this year’s Nobel theme the Almanak can be described as a “woodchuck guidebook” for those interested in nature and science. It contains everything from hunting and yachting information over astronomy and meteorology to conversion tables for gauges, weights and energies.

The Almanak is sold in well stocked book traders around the country, but anyone interested is advised not to wait for the clearance sales to get their copy. The popular yellow book tends to get sold out long before these start.