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24 August 2010

Visiting professor looking for solar cell collaborators

By Jes Andersen

Solar cells of the future will be transparent, flexible and just about any colour. And according to professor Eric Wei-Guang Diau from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan the future is closer than one might think.

 Professor Eric Wei-Guang Diau from the national Chiao Tung University in Taiwan


Professor Diau has been investigating dye sensitized solar cells for several years. Now he is visiting the University of Copenhagen hoping to find new collaborators in his search for the perfect organic based solar cell.

Solar cells cheap and safe

Unlike silicon-based solar cells, the organic cells will be inexpensive, environmentally friendly and wont need rare metals in order to work. But according to professor Diau, there is still a great deal of work to be done, before the organic cells achieve the price and efficiency of its competitors.

At the department of Chemistry Diau hopes to find collaborators who might be interested in synthesising new materials for his group to characterize. But he also expects to become acquainted with new methods of characterisation in Copenhagen.

While visiting, Professor Diau will join the group meetings of the nano-chemistry group every Monday at 10.00, but he can also be found in building C S04.
On September 3rd. the Professor will give a talk in the luncheon room of building C at 2.15