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04 September 2012

Relaxed meeting with instructors is a strike!

A trip to the bowling alley isn’t something new chemistry students might necessarily equate with their academic futures. Regardless, the instructors of first year students at the Department of Chemistry decided to invite their students down for a friendly bowl at the DGI bowling alley in Vesterbro. Nye kemistuderende på Kemisk Institut mødte undevisere under tvangfri former

Ten pins as social glue

The students were well pleased with the event, as were the tutors. Indeed, the event blew away all expectations. Ole John Nielsen, an organic chemistry instructor for the incoming class, was enthused.

“I was able to speak with many of the new students and am now even more excited to begin teaching them,” says the professor, who also researches the atmospheric decomposition of chemical substances.

Studieleder Anders Døssing gav den hele armen

Social gathering demystifies

Anders Døssing, Head of Studies for the bachelor’s programme was also pleased about the eve of bowling.
“The new students were able to meet their instructors in a stress free environment. I hope that the meeting will be able to offer them a more relaxed relationship with their instructors,” says Døssing


Jens-Christian Navarro Poulsen, der har fungeret som studieintroduktionskoordinator glædede sig over et succesfuldt arrangement.

Along with Nielsen and Døssing, Department Head Mikael Bols held a rosy view of the event and emphasized that these types of social arrangements during the introduction week are here to stay.