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07 January 2011

Support for examining protein production

The question of what makes living cells producer more or less protein is quite central to all research into the working of life itself. Now a researcher with the Department of Chemistry has received a grant of almost two million DKK to examine a mechanism which activates and inhibits the production of proteins.

By Jes Andersen

Leila Lo Leggio is in charge of chemical research into X-ray crystallography

Leila Lo Leggio is in charge of a research group involved in protein crystallography. In the project Structural biology of transcription factors Lo Leggio is to study the spatial properties of transcription factors; Essential proteins that bind specifically to DNA where they inhibit or activate the production of other proteins in the cell. In order to understand how transcription factors functions it is essential to study their shape. Alone and in action; That is to say while bound to DNA and other proteins.

This can be achieved by bombarding crystallized proteins with X-rays, but also by using a range of techniques that do not use crystallisation. The project will be realized in a collaboration with researchers from other parts of the University of Copenhagen as well as from other institutions. For this project Lo Leggio has hired Ditte Welner who is a well known face in Lo Leggios group