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08 October 2010

First Dane to win Rao award

Copenhagen chemistry student wins exclusive international chemistry-award

As the first Dane ever, PhD student Solveig Gaarn Olesen won the Rao-award in june at the annual spectroscopy conference: "International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, in Ohio, USA.

Raoprisvinder Solveig Gaarn Olesen

The Rao-award goes to Graduate students who have given outstanding talks at the conference. Olsen won for her lecture on hydrogen bonding to alkanes.

Clear evidence for disputed bonds

With her supervisor Steen Hammerum Olesen has proven beyond doubt, that these hydrogen bonds to in fact form. Previously this was a phenomenon with very little evidence. The prize went to Olesen for the research as well as for her presentation of the project.
This year the conference was attended by some 500 participants. Because ISMS is one of just a few international conferences where graduate students are invited to speak a great many attendees were just finishing university.

More honor than award

The Rao-award has been issued since 1991 and Solveig Gaarn Olesen relates that winners get to attend next year's conference for free, and gets to spend six nights in a shared dorm room.

"But apart from these more tangible winnings your name is also engraved on a fancy plaque, which lives in Ohio", tells Olesen, and concludes: "Ah. The glories of science"
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