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05 October 2012

Two high profile professorships for Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is now advertising openings for two professorships: one in chemical biology and macromolecular chemistry, and one in catalysis and sustainable chemistry.

The positions are funded by a special grant from the Rectors office, amounting to 35 million kroner each, distributed over five years. Both positions will be advertised internationally, but internal applicants are welcome according to Department Head Mikael Bols. At an informational meeting on January 14, he described a few of the expectations for the new professors.

They must be able to direct chemistry research of the highest international calibre and be prepared to build and lead a centre within their field,” said Bols.

Funds to finance the position will be authorized from the turn of the year, so Mikael Bols hopes to have the professorships filled as soon as possible.

Where the professors will be situated is another matter. Bols was clear that the Department of Chemistry hasn’t been allotted more squarefootage before the completion of the Niels Bohr Science Park is completed, but that on the other hand, the Department does have rights to space at both the Ørsted Institute and on the Frederiksberg Campus. He asserts that space will be found.