Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Andersen, Connie Hegelund Project finance administrator Research funding +45 353-21441 E-mail
Aurehøj, Diane Administrative coordinator Department Secretary +45 353-20161 E-mail
Døring, Heidi Project finance administrator Fundraising, Research funding +45 353-36443 E-mail
Eglund, Hanne Administrative coordinator +45 353-21468 E-mail
Funch, Tine Administrative coordinator +45 353-20120 E-mail
Mortensen, Lone Secretary Secretary building 2, 3: PhD administration,Mastercard, book orders, office supplies, travel and hotel booking, access cards and keys +45 353-20300 E-mail
Nissen, Lone Education coordinator Administration teaching and Teaching committee, syllabus +45 353-21822 E-mail
Strandberg, Maria Project finance administrator Research funding +45 353-21800 E-mail
Sønderholm, Karina Administrative officer +45 353-20011 E-mail