Ole Faurskov Nielsen

Ole Faurskov Nielsen


Primary fields of research

Vibrational Spectroscopy

IR- and Raman spectroscopy

Current research

1. Hydrogen bonding and water structure in living systems.

The low-wavenumber Raman spectrum (10-300 cm-1) contains information about intermolecular hydrogen bonded interactions in water and biological macromolecules, like proteins. This region is difficult to reach due to the presence of an intense Rayleigh line. However, this problem can be solved by use of the R(¿)-representation, which was introduced here about 30 years ago. This representation is analogue to the today widely used teraherz absorption spectrum.

The presence of water with a structure similar to that in liquid water can be revealed. More of this bulk like water seems to be present in malignant skin tumours than in normal skin and skin with benign diseases.

A low-wavenumber band in proteins may be important for collective conformational changes in proteins.  Although the investigations do not imply pulsed techniques information is obtained on a picosecond time scale and faster. Hopefully, the low-wavenumber results can throw new light on a more detailed understanding of collective conformational transitions and signal transduction in biosystems.

Raman results are compared to results obtained at the MAX-lab facility in Lund.


2. Archaelogical and museum related subjects.

Laser Raman spectroscopy is a non-invasive analytical method. Degradation and conservation of wooden waterlogged artefacts can easily be followed. The chemical composition of  coloured pigments from wall paintings in churches or from coloured mummy shrouds can be found.


3. Aqueous aerosols.

The low wavenumber Raman spectrum in the R(¿)-representation gives a quantitative description of factors of importance in modern aqueous aerosol science: vant'Hoff factors, surface tension.


4. Various analytical applications of vibrational spectroscopy.

Numerous analytical problems are solved for both industrial companies and Universities in the Copenhagen area.   

Selected publications

  1. Published

    FT-Far-IR synchrotron and Near-IR-FT-low-wavenumber Raman spectroscopy studies of proteins and protein/water interactions

    Nielsen, Ole Faurskov, Greve, T. M., Andersen, K. B., Engdahl, A. & Nelander, B., 2009, In : Asian Chemistry Letters. 13, 3 & 4, p. 99-106 8 p.

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