Contact for Industry and Government collaboration

Research at the Department of Chemistry is organized in seven sections. If you know which field is relevant for your project go straight to the Departmental research page.

Which chemist: Are you unsure which branch of chemistry has the tools to solve your problem, you are invited to contact the Head of Department.

  • Professor Pernille Harris
  • Tel.: +45 3533 4046
  • Mail:

Other sciences: Are you unsure whether your problem is even one for a chemist to solve, you are invited to contact the Head of the Department of Private and Public Sector Service. The Head of all industry programmes at the SCIENCE faculty.

  • Lise Walsted Kristiansen
  • Tel.: +45 3533 2036
  • Mail:

Student jobs: Are you looking for a B.Sc. or M.Sc. carry out tasks for your company, you are invited to advertise the position in the University of Copenhagen Job-Bank.