11 June 2015

Teacher of the Year Award for a chemist... again

Teacher of the Year Award 2015

The Teacher of the Year at SCIENCE 2015 Award has been bestowed upon Associate Professor Michael Pittelkow of Department of Chemistry. The recipient was selected by a group of students appointed by the SCIENCE Students’ Union, based upon nominations received from departmental teaching committees, and both individual and groups of students. This makes it the third year running that a Department of Chemistry instructor is honoured with one of the University of Copenhagen Teacher of the Year awards.

Award to hightlight teachers that go the extra mile

The award is designed to highlight exceptional teaching, instructional teams and individual lecturers. Education and instruction are SCIENCE’s core activities. Thus, the organisation should treasure and celebrate the many instructors who are both willing and able to incorporate special features into their teaching.

Award winner creates a safe learning environment

The students based their selection of Michael Pittelkow upon numerous factors:

”Michael Pittelkow is ambitious, creative and academically gifted, and thus able to create a learning environment where ideas and thoughts can be realised. These properties contribute to making a project become personal and exciting, and often result in higher quality.” Michael also contributes to the atmosphere in the laboratory. One of those who nominated him wrote: “When chemistry ‘becomes a pain’ and one begins to sense despair, he is always able to turn the situation around into something good”. Another described Michael as “the shaper of a secure atmosphere that is ripe for creativity and academic discussion”. The selection committee found this to be an especially important trait.

Delighted to present award to member of a strong team

For the Faculty Management it was a great pleasure to see Michael Pittelkow as the recipient of this award. Not just because he is an exceptional teacher and member of a strong team, but because this is the second year in a row that the Department of Chemistry has managed to walk away with the Teacher of the Year at SCIENCE award.

Faculty Management extends a collective and warm-hearted congratulation to Michael and the Department of Chemistry, as well as a thank you for the tremendous work in the area of education and instruction!

The award will be presented at a reception to be held at the Department of Chemistry later in the year.