1 June 2016

Thomas Just Sørensen new member of the Young Academy


Associate Professor Thomas Just Sørensen is one of ten new members of the Young Academy, part of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

The Young Academy has approx. 40 members from all research disicplines. You apply for membership, and members are active in research policy, communication or cooperation across the academy on a five-year term. The Yound Academy has just accepted ten new members, all talented, young researchers in their respective areas.

"During my time with the Young Academy, I will promote a education policy agenda focused on professional identity. We don't need mass educational programmes, we need elite programmes.

Thomas Just Sørensen

Associate Professor Thomas Just Sørensen is a chemist specialsed in dyes, and he teaches nanoscience students attending the BSc and MSc programme in Nanoscience with the University of Copenhagen. The programmes admits approx. 50 new BSc students yearly. it is an elite programme in the cross-disciplinary science focusing on the professional identity characteristic of the academic side. With Thomas as member of the Young Academy, the programme in Nanoscience has a new spearhead, a committed teacher and talented researcher working to promote agendas. And he's young too!