About the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen is a combined research and educational institution training bachelors, masterstudents and PhDs to the highest vocational standards within all fields of the molecular sciences.
As the largest chemical research institution within Danish academia, our lecturers also teach chemistry to students from the fields of biology, biochemistry, biomedicine and nanotechnology.

Department of Chemistry
Universitetsparken 5
DK 2100 Copenhagen
phone: 35 32 01 11
fax: 35 32 02 14
mail: chem@chem.ku.dk

Press contact: Solvejg Jørgensen, phone: +45 35 32 02 04



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Danish research and education in chemistry was established in 1778, the year of the inauguration of the first chemical laboratory at the University of Copenhagen. In 1963 the Department of Chemistry moved to the H.C. Ørsted Institute. In addition to the Department of Chemistry the Ørsted Institute contains the Department of Mathematics and part of the Department of Physics, and is named after the Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted. The discoverer of electromagnetism and the first to isolate aluminum.