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02 November 2012

High Schoolers test chemistry at University of Copenhagen

Choosing your education is a tricky business, when you are just about to leave high school. Making the wrong choice will have lifelong consequences. In order to help high schoolers make that massive choice the Department invited 25 youngsters to spend three days testing the full range of tutoring methods at the Department They got to follow classes, attend lectures and work in the lab.

PhD Studerende Søren Broman forklarer synteseveje til Studiepraktikdeltagere

Tour demonstrated the scope of chemistry research

The visiting high schoolers also got a tour of the research sections, giving them a view of just how many problems Copenhagen chemists are trying to solve. From manipulating enzyme function to cleaning air photochemically. From molecular magnets made from just three metal atoms to bacterial toxins copied through 88 synthesis- steps. And the young guests were genuinely surprised by the scope of work carried out at the department. Not least the many examples of how chemists can improve population health by other methods than just inventing new drug targets..

Experts on students

Over the three days the visitors also heard presentations about studying chemistry. And they heard it from the experts; The students themselves. Isabella Dahl just started studying, and she could tell of how well she and her class mates were received by tutors and older students. Mette Kjeldsen who is in her second year told of choosing between the three possible specializations, and about studying abroad. Finally Morten Vinum, who just started studying for his Masters, told about doing research from day one.

Experiments galore

The last day of the visit was a laboratory bonanza. With help from Nini Reeler, Thorbjørn Morsing and Anne Petersen, PhD student Søren Broman guided the visitors through some of the syntheses that fascinate him, giving the visitors a taste of real experimental chemistry.