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29 August 2013

Bowling ball barrage: teachers v. students

New bachelor students 13

Stray bowling balls are dangerous! Fortunately, all of them either slammed into pins or rolled uneventfully down lane gutters, leaving chemistry students and instructors unscathed in the wake of this year's matchup between the two groups. The annual event took place on Wednesday, August 28.

For a new student, meeting with an instructor can be uncomfortable, when the initial contact occurs in an auditorium or classroom setting. And the Department of Chemistry wants to do its utmost to avoid such potential scarring.

The bowling matchup held on the third day of the introductory week gave instructors the chance to meet their new students in a relaxed environment and also show that the people who give grades and score exams are also ordinary folk who can throw back beers, as well as throw bowling balls.

The event concluded with a dinner at the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI) restaurant in DGI's Copenhagen sports facility, “DGI-Byen”.