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26 August 2013

Chemists welcome a record-sized year

New students 2013

On the first day of the 2013 academic year, Department Head Mikael Bols led a collective welcome for the Department's 82 incoming chemists starting their bachelor studies.

Institutleder Mikael Bols holder velkomsttale for årgang 2013 på kemistudiet

Speech focused on opportunities

As part of his welcome, Bols spoke of the many opportunities for chemistry students: the possibility of combining a programme with various fields within the natural sciences; the possibility of an exciting career; the possibility of taking part in important research within one of the Department's research sections.

Look for meetings across disciplines

Bols placed substantial emphasis on the fact that chemistry students will be sharing a facility with physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and nano-technologists. The proximity was one that he urged students to take advantage of in their tackling of interdisciplinary challenges.

Nye kemistuderende i Universitetsparken

Cozy introduction for starters

Tradition has it that the introductory week student guides, the “rusvejleder”, arrange for a cozy morning during which new students are divided into smaller groups and invited to brunch with their now fellow students.

Celebrity was chemical mascot

To ensure that all felt welcome, the introductory week guides brought along a mascot, 'Kemi-Remee' based on a music producer known for his role in the Danish version of the audition show X-factor. Whether or not the artful cardboard cutout serve to evoke any chemistry X-factor during the introduction or in the class of '13 remains to be seen.