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06 December 2013

Copenhagen micromagnets receive international acclaim

PhD Posterprize

Two PhD students from UCPH's Department of Chemistry have been awarded poster prizes at the "4th European Conference on Molecular Magnetism". The conference was held in Karlsruhe, Germany from October 6-10. The students, Kasper Steen Pedersen and Mikkel Agerbæk, are both attached to the Department of Chemistry's Inorganic Chemistry section. They conduct research into magnets that are built using very few atoms.

Minor molecular variations change magnetic properties

Mikkel Agerbæk specialises in so-called one-dimensional systems. They can be thought of as single-chained molecules with metallic centres. He has been able to demonstrate that even miniscule changes in molecular structure can transform a non-magnetic molecule into a magnetic one.

“At first glance, these molecules appear to be identical. However, their properties are different, and this turns out to be quite interesting,” says Agerbæk, who also asserts that these microscopic magnets may be the decisive factor in creating smaller and far more powerful computers.

Great to receive prize from hot names

Agerbæk is particularly proud of the prize because it was awarded to him at a conference dedicated entirely to his field, before and amongst his professional peers.

“For a young PhD student, it’s is significant to gain recognition within this community. There were numerous big names around, also among the winners. So I was a little surprised, but delighted,” concludes Agerbæk.

In all, 10 prizes were awarded to the more than 200 posters. The group from Copenhagen was the only one to walk away with two prizes.

Download Mikkel Agerbæk Sørensen's prize winning poster here: