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04 December 2014

Petro chemist in world’s oldest publication

Almanac '14

Oil extraction and pottery shards usually have next to nothing in common. But in the Gulf State of Qatar a team of archaeologists from the University of Copenhagen were helped by a petro chemist when they needed to interpret their finds.

Oil investigation technologies used on historic finds

Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Theis Sølling, is currently on leave from the Department in order to establish a research laboratory for Maersk Oil in the Qatari capital Doha. Here he met the archaeologists who had come upon inexplicable finds in the desert sands. Thanks to technologies usually applied to investigating the oil-rich underground, Solling was able to supply crucial leads.

Read all in old yellow

The story of the petro chemist and the archaeologists are to be found in this year’s edition of the University of Copenhagen Almanak. The Almanak has been published every year since the mid 1570’ies. This makes it the oldest publication in Denmark, and one of the oldest continually issued in the entire world.