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01 December 2014

Chem helps decorate the DR Christmas show

Christmas chemistry

Every year, Denmark’s Radio (DR) produces a televised Christmas calendar. This year’s show, “Tidsrejsen” (The Time Travel), has received a decorative hand from UCPH’s Department of Chemistry. The advent calendar show is about science loving Sofie, whose greatest wish is for her mother and father to get back together so they can celebrate Christmas as they once used to. Sofie gets a contraption from her grandfather that is able to alter both time and space, if only she can manage to fix it.

Summerly preperations in the CHEM basement

The show’s production designer, Rasmus Bæk, came by KIKU during the summer of 2013 looking to borrow some scientific looking props. The objects would be used to create a fictional laboratory for Sofie’s grandpa.

Outdated equipment gets second life in the world of fiction

With the assistance of lab technicians Marianne Wehmeyer and Solveig Kallesøe, the designer gained access to the “instrument and apparatus cemetery” located in the basement of the H.C. Ørsteds Institute. There, he found a wide range of equipment, cables, ventilation tubes, glassware of every dimension – In fact anything that looked strange was welcome.

Chemical trash donated to set designers decoration stores

Following the service to fiction most of the objects were returned to the CHEM storage basement. The only exceptions was equipment scheduled for the trash can anyway. Much of this was given to the production designer for future fictional laboratories.

‘Tidsrejsen’ is broadcast every December evening at 19:30, until December 24, on both DR1 and DR Ultra –and available online, here.