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02 October 2014

Record number of applicants to Study Trajectory Project (SPR)

SRP 2014

Word of mouth has spread. The Department of Chemistry is offering a prized Study Trajectory Project programme for those lucky enough to be get in. This year, 80 have applied for the 30 spots on offer, an increase of 20 applicants from 2013.

The Study Trajectory Project or “SRP” (‘Studie Retnings Projekt’ in Danish) is an obligatory interdisciplinary programme for final year high school students in Denmark. The Department of Chemistry offers an wildly ambitious programme, during which SRP participants will be able to work in department labs for three whole days with the support of university level instructors, and with the chance to meet and question current CHEM students.

Responsible for this year’s lab exercises is associate professor Christian Marcus Pedersen, who will be aided by:

Emil Hansen

Has almost completed his bachelor studies, and has specialized in inorganic chemistry and organic and inorganic synthesis.

Marie Overballe

a Ph.D. student working in sugar chemistry after studying inorganic chemistry throughout her bachelor and masters studies.

Anders Bo Skov

a master student within organic synthesis focusing on the manufacture, computation and analysis of organic solar cells.

Rie Nielsen

a master student who recently started writing her thesis in theoretical chemistry.

og Kristina Eriksen, (No photo) a Ph.D. student who will give presentations on various analysis techniques during lunch breaks.

On October 2, responses were sent to the 30 lucky applicants who can strengthen their SRP with laboratory and analysis data. The programme will run on October 10, 11 and 12 in the laboratory on the 4th floor of the B-building in HCØ.