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03 December 2014

Sweeping enthusiasm for Chem recruitment event

SRP 2014

A majority of the participants in this year’s CHEM’s Academic Trajectory Project (studieretningsprojekt - SRP in Danish) were beyond satisfied. 68% of them were “Very Satisfied”, and another 32% were “Satisfied”, according to a Department of Chemistry satisfaction survey provided to participants following the event.

Eighty Danish high school students applied for a spot in the extravagant Academic Trajectory Project (SRP). Of them, 34 were selected.

Popular instructors made project participators feel safe

These lucky students were then divided among the five projects being offered, each projects lead by a dedicated student instructor. This was a detail that 60% of the students were ”Very Satisfied” with, and 40% “Satisfied” with. A great thanks goes out to chemists Emil Hansen, Marie Overballe, Rie Nielsen, Anders Bo Skov, Kristina Eriksen and Johannes Holm from the Nano Science Center for their outstanding efforts.

Personal experience

Specific mention came from many of the participants in relation to the skilful lab assistance they received. Others cited being pleased that their instructors were chemistry students who were eager to share their personal experiences with the programme and about their own choice of chemistry. One written response read:

After talking to the instructors about why they chose chemistry, I became even more drawn to the UCPH chemistry programme. I’m even more captivated by the subject. And without a doubt, I am closer to being able to select my future education programme now than before the (SRP) course".

Traditionally of huge significance for choice of study programme

It won’t be possible to measure the success of this year’s SRP course until September. But 8 out of 10 new students in previous years said that their participation in the Academic Trajectory Project had a “Great” or “Significant” influence on their choice of the chemistry programme.

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