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06 June 2014

Million dollar grant for novel protein analysis


Where ever proteins play a role, there is a pressing need to understand protein dynamics, whether in medicine, in diagnostics or in fundamental biological research. With a group of collaborators Department of Chemistry Associate Professor Tom Vosch came up with a new idea to look at the dynamics of proteins at the single molecule level on a faster timescale than is possible now.

Tracing single molecules with fluorescent compounds

The project “Real-time imaging of fast conformational dynamics of ion channel gating with plasmonic nano-antennas” combines plasmonics with single molecule fluorescence detection and the three labs involved in the project recently got a one million dollar grant from the “The Human Frontier Science Program”.  

Organisation supporting research across national borders

HFSP is a program of funding for frontier research in the life sciences. The funding organization tries to address the paradox that science is international while its institutions and funding organizations are mostly nationally or even regionally organized.

Tom Vosch hopes to attract bachelor or master students who would like to pursue projects in this thrilling field.