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02 September 2015

A varied welcome for new chemists

Chemistry students

New students have thousands of things to consider and become acquainted with. And that’s before they even set foot in their first class. So, to make the study start more manageable, the Department of Chemistry has once again prepared an ‘Introduction to Studies’ programme that includes everything from name games to a chemistry show.

Unusually large year group

The Department of Chemistry is welcoming 95 new students to its bachelor’s programmes this year. They are the largest ever group of applicants to the Department of Chemistry since the University began separating applicant data for chemistry students in 2004.

Welcome to a fantastic journey

Head of Department, Mikael Bols, welcomed the new students with a promise. He said that their choice of chemistry was the beginning of a fantastic adventure. He spoke about his own voyage within the discipline, one that took him to Canada, and found him employed in the medicinal industry, before becoming a chemistry department head at Aarhus University and thereafter, at the University of Copenhagen.

Noise and colour

The student run chemistry show group ”Pyroteknisk Afdeling” (Pyrotechnics Division) welcomed the new students with a show that included colourful reactions and loud explosions. Not least when they invited the entire group outside onto Universitetsparken to an acetylene explosion.

Pyrotechnics Division has existed since spring 2015 and is an initiative designed to promote the more playful aspects of chemistry. The group expects to begin recruiting new members around the New Year, and will occasionally send out invitations to new students as well.

The great variety of activities for the incoming students was planned by a group of tireless and dedicated students during the spring semester: The group who serves voluntarily as introduction week coordinators.

The Department of Chemistry owes its great thanks to: Nicolaj Andreas Kofod, Dianna Andersen, Emil Mickey Hilligsøe Larsen, Lea Gundorff Nielsen, Nicolai Steen Broberg Hansen, Henriette Kornmaaler Bensen, Sofie Askjær Hass, Niels Andreas Bonde, Josefine Mogensen, Lauge Thorsen, Mads Georg Rasmussen, Anders Øwre, Morten Stig Pedersen, Nickie Lubrin, Rune Tage Kragsberger and Emil Hansen.