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05 March 2015

Curious natural science enthusiasts stream into SCIENCE

Open House 2015

This year’s SCIENCE Open House attracted more than 1700 guests over a two-day period. The Department of Chemistry was represented at H.C. Ørsted Institute on Wednesday, February 25 and at Thorvaldsensvej on Friday the 27th.

Students sharing insight with future colleagues

At both sites, each of SCIENCE’s 21 bachelor programmes had set up festive and informative booths staffed by students. The hosts shared their experiences with the high school students and those from other relevant lines of study about study life, study workloads and all of the other questions that inquisitive youth turn up with.

All star crew tell all

Events also included more focused presentations by individual programmes that sought to cover programme opportunities and challenges. The Department of Chemistry’s presentation was conducted by an all star team consisting of Solvejg Jørgensen, who discussed instructional methods and study loads; second year student Nickie Lubrin, who enthusiastically recounted her decision to study chemistry; master’s students Sigurd Christiansen and Sissel Bjørn Svendsen, who each spoke about their fantastic study abroad experiences; and communications officer Jes Andersen, who clarified why Denmark – and the rest of the world – needs chemists.

Experts on student life are... Students

In the festive chemistry booth, Emilie Grothen, Rie Nielsen and Rasmus Mejborg Borup provided explanations and shared accounts of their own study lives, while Bolette Arndt Stougaard, Mette Hoff, Charlotte Nybro and Michael Nielsen took turns ensuring that the flames, bangs and colorful chemistry experiments continued to draw curious passers-by.

Department Head Mikael Bols is thrilled by the enthusiasm and effort made by the many students and emphasizes the importance of chemistry student involvement at SCIENCE’s annual Open House.