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27 August 2015

Registration opens for Academic Trajectory Project (SRP)

SRP 2015

Once again, the UCPH Department of Chemistry will offer a range of “academic trajectory project” (studieretningsprojekt-SRP) exercises in Chemistry for Danish High School (Gymnasie) students. Yet again, the offer is an extremely attractive one.

30 lucky students are being offered three full days in the laboratory with assistance from our talented researchers and PhD students, meals, and a lecture about NMR and elemental analysis

SRP participants will be presented with a unique opportunity to meet with current chemistry students, become acquainted with the many ways to customise programmes, as well as with the discipline’s four Bachelor programme specialisations.

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • High School Chemistry Teaching
  • Green and Sustainable Chemistry

This is a one of a kind chance to take part in a high quality academic trajectory project (SRP), while having the opportunity to delve into what an education in chemistry entails.

All projects may be combined with physics and mathematics.


On the 10, 11 and 12 of November 2015, the Department of Chemistry will offer three days in the laboratory for “academic trajectory projects” (SRP)


The SRP held at CHEM should be applied for by submitting a well-substantiated application, using the electronic application form. Enrolment begins on Friday, September 4, via this page. (in Danish)


Because the lab exercises require a degree of independence, only high school students who are already quite proficient in chemistry will be considered.


Read more about the Department of Chemistry’s SPR-projects here (In Danish).

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