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28 November 2013

Chemistry advent calendar sets the mood for a molecular juletide


Christmas is light, Christmas is colour and Christmas is food. All in all, these phenomena beg the chemist’s explanation. Leading up to Christmas 2013, the UCPH Department of Chemistry has created a webvideo Christmas calendar. Jesper Bendix, an inorganic chemistry professor at UCPH, demonstrates the fantastic phenomena in flame, a kaleidoscopic display of colour and Christmas frost in a series of four Christmas calendar episodes.

Adventskalender med Jesper Bendix udkommer samtlige adventssøndage i julemåneden 2013

Get your calendar on the CHEM website or via Facebook

The advent calendar is designed to be an entertaining seasonal addition for high school chemistry instruction. Each episode is between six and eight minutes in length. The videos are published on the Department of Chemistry’s news webpage on each Sunday of the advent, beginning December 1. If you want to be certain not to miss the molecular entertainment.

You can also find the episodes via the Department of Chemistry’s Facebook page.  “Like” the page and it will appear on your own Facebook page, for your friends and family to see.