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21 July 2015

Record hike in chemistry applicants

Bachelor applications

There were fewer applicants to the University of Copenhagen bachelor’s programmes this year, both at UCPH as a whole and among the 20 programmes offered by the Faculty of Science. Nevertheless, the number of applicants to the Department of Chemistry managed to rise - an increase that beat all of the other 19 bachelor’s programmes at SCIENCE.

Increase in first priority applications too

The total number of applicants to Chemistry increased from 206 to 230, an 11.7 percent increase. This hike makes Chemistry this year’s high jumper in relation to the total number of applicants. Measured by first priority applicants, the results are a bit less dramatic, but the advance still unmistakable – from 72 to 76, a 5.6 percent increase.

Ole John Nielsen, the Department of Chemistry’s acting department head, is enthused by the wonderful results.

“We are incredibly pleased that we have once again experienced an increase in the number of first priority applicants. We expect 76 students to begin studying chemistry this year,” says Nielsen.

Great job to convince new students they chose the right programme

Nielsen says that competition for students is becoming tougher and tougher, making this year’s result even more satisfying. He is also excited that the many applicants will help to address labour market shortages.

“Many employers of chemists are mounting massive employment campaigns and there is a need for every chemist that we can educate,” says Nielsen. “Along with the department’s other instructors, I am excited to affirm for these new students that they have indeed chosen the right academic field. It is a creative and flexible discipline, and one can really make a positive contribution to society.”

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