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04 September 2014

New students got head start for chemistry programme

Intro '14

A gap year or two makes you forget an awful lot of chemistry. That seems to be the main conclusion after the first so-called “brush up” course on offer for coming bachelor students at the Department of Chemistry. The course which was taught over a week in August served up a five course meal of refreshing math and chemistry concepts.

Tutor enjoyed top motivation

The tutor of the course, Andreas Wagner Tholl also felt that it was a refreshing experience to teach a group as highly motivated as this one. Tholl is a recently graduated M.Sc. in chemistry and biology working his first job as a high school teacher in chemistry, but during his education he has taught at university and high school both, so he has grounds for comparison.

“Compared to teaching university students, this was not academically difficult. I did however love the pedagogical challenges inherent in teaching people who have forgotten part of their chemistry lore”, says Tholl and goes on: “I spent a considerable amount of time and effort in trying to come up with exciting metaphors for various chemical concepts. That was fun,” says Tholl.

The course attracted 19 of the 79 strong class of ’14 and Jens Christian Navarro Poulsen who is responsible for the studies introduction programme hopes that this effort will reduce the number of students who drop out of the programme.