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21 August 2015

Mind easing pre course for bachelors

Commencement 2015

Following a long summer vacation it’s not easy to bring to mind all those equations, constants and chemical nomenclature that are part and parcel of studying chemistry. In order to ease the minds of coming bachelor students, the Department of Chemistry has offered them a refresher course for the second year running. This year 20 future chemists chose to accept the offer. For four days in august they have been brushing up at Nørre Campus.

One leg in high school. One in the University

Andreas Tholl has helped develop the brush-up course. He graduated from UCPH in 2014, and has been working as a high school (gymnasium) teacher since then. This has given him equal insight into the demands of the university and the qualifications carried over from high school. He feels that the course is a great help for prospective students.

A helpful buffer

Christian Clausen agrees. He spent the last five years in the Danish Armed Forces doing two tours of duty in Afghanistan. In his own words, he has been as far away from chemistry as it is possible. Mentally and physically.

"This brush up course has been a kind of shock cushion buffering me so the university does not hit me going 120 kilometers per hour!

Christian Clausen


Year group 2015

Chemistry, UCPH

”I knew very little about the University, and almost nothing about what the demands will be. This brush up course has been a kind of shock cushion buffering me so the university does not hit me going 120 kilometers per hour”, says Clausen..

One of the things that will not be allowed to hit him is the demands in math. Having secured a place in the chemistry programme at UCPH he started reading up on that field. He was somewhat surprised to learn, that the brush- up course is almost half mathematics.

“Apart from bringing me up- to date with the chemistry this course has shown me, that I will need a lot more math, than I had imagined. Thankfully the course has been a wake-up call and now I have time to read up on the math too”.

Another type of chemistry

Aleksander Scharff has not been quite so far away from the world of education. His High Scool graduation lies seven years in the past, but part of that time he spent studying geology at the University of Copenhagen. That taught him some chemistry, but not much that is useful to him now.

“Geologists tend to look at elements and the chemistry of minerals. Working with molecules will be something else again. I haven’t really been using chemistry much in my everyday life, and I have forgotten much of what I did learn. So this course is a wonderful offer”, says Aleksander Scharff.

Everyones welcome, but especially those who took gap year

The primary target group for the brush up course is the coming bachelor students who left high school more than two years ago, says Jens Christian Navarro Poulsen, the person behind the initiative.

”If you have spent a few years travelling the world or working in a kindergarten your grasp of terms and conditions tend to get a bit rusty. But that can happen even over a summer vacation, so everyone is welcome”, says Poulsen.