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22 December 2014

Chem in ambitious recruitment campaign


Every high school in Denmark gets a poster. 2.600 further posters are hung in rail stations throughout Denmark. 64 fitness centers on Zealand and the isles will be showing three brand new recruitment films. That is the scope of SCIENCEs hitherto most ambitious campaign to attract students to its 21 bachelor and 37 master’s programmes. The Chemistry programme is one of just ten programmes and specializations getting special mention in the campaign.

Under the heading: “Denmark needs chemists” the Master student Maria Bech will be the official face of the University of Copenhagen chemistry programme.

Pressing need for graduates

The campaign which will run from January 12th till February 6th has come into being as a consequence of the pressing need in Denmark for scientifically educated graduates within chemistry, and nine other named programmes. This has been pointed out by the SCIENCE Employer Panels (Aftagerpanel) while the much discussed initiative by the cabinet to restrain programmes with meager chances of jobs has sent an unmistakable signal to steer coming students in the direction of programmes where chances of employment are higher.

Apart from pointing out the need for these particular programmes, the campaign will also be a reminder of the Open House event for the bachelor programmes on February 24th and 27th as well as for the Masters programmes on March 6th and the on-going “Student for a day”-Initiative.