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07 January 2011

Unexpected conduct leads to poster award

The molecule shaped like a cross was behaving all wrong. But that was actually more thrilling than the expected behaviour. For this reason, and because he presented his findings elegantly, PhD student Jeppe Fock was presented with a "Best poster award" at the 5th international meeting on molecular electronics (ElecMol'10) in Grenoble, France.

By Jes Andersen

Fock is studying for his thesis at the Nano-Science centre under Department of Chemistry. At the conference he presented measurements on a so called cruciform molecule. A cross shaped structure which can potentially be used as a molecular transistor.

Fock completed his work under the auspices of EU project SINGLE aimed at discovering components for molecular electronics. Yet devices are not what Fock dreams of. Fundamentally Fock is more interested in what measuring the potential devices might tell us of molecular behaviour in general. Measurements like Fock's tend to be difficult to interpret. So traditionally they are presented with lines to help the reader determine what to look for. But Jeppe Fock is not a fan of those. "Construction lines tend to obscure the things they are meant to illustrate. That's rather less than optimal. So I came upon the idea of drawing the construction lines on transparent paper hinged on top. This allowed the curious to lift up the line and see the actual measurements below, explains Jeppe Fock.

Focks poster award was sponsored by periodical Nature Materials, who also presented Fock with a one year subscription.