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04 June 2015

Chemists in frocks celebrate the year that was

Chemistry gala 2015

Dresses were long and suits were elegant when students and staff celebrated themselves and each other at the traditional UCPH chemist gala. As always the party committee had taken pains to provide delicious foods, cool music and lightfooted lanciers dancing and all 208 revellers enjoyed a night of fine partying.

As per tradition there were awards. Awards from the department and awards from the sudents.

Head of Department Mikael Bols gave out the Department prizes with the following motives.

Best Final Bachelor’s Assignment 2014

Kristina Eriksen for the assigment ”Alifatiske seleno Newman-Kwart omlejringer” with Michael Pittelkow supervisor. Mikael Bols made it clear that Kristinas assignment had it all.
“She has done something fundamental within organic chemistry: She has discovered a new chemical reaction”.

Best Master’s Thesis 2014

Anders Reinholdts for the Master’s Thesis, "Chemistry of Ru(C)Cl2(PCy3)2 – Metallation, ligand substitution, and charge transfer complexes". The thesis received the grade 12 and was supervised by Jesper Bendix.

Bols mentioned as noteworthy that the thesis shows thoroughness throughout with no less than 200 litterature sources.

“The very articulate form of the thesis shows considerable reserves of energy. We should especially applaud the fact that this project was handed in a full month before the deadline stipulated in the thesis contract”, said Bols.

Best research result

Solvejg Jørgensen and Henrik Kjaergaard for the article ”A large source of low-volatility secondary organic aerosol”, published in Nature, 506, 476-479, 2014.

Mikael Bols called the article a breakthrough in atmospheric chemistry in that it gave the first explanation of oxidation and transformation of volatile organic compounds into particles in the atmosphere.

Furthermore the article had an unusually large impact in mainstream media. The Nature article was mentioned in BBC news,, Ecowatch, Ingeniøren, Berlingske Tidende and Kristeligt Dagblad.

Student awards went to deliciousness, “swag” and cake

On behalf of the students Zeina Maroun and Anne Kathrine Junker gave out four awards.

Tutor of the year (VIP)

Sten Rettrup of whom the students said: He knows how to explain things understandably, thoroughly and totally down to earth. He is dedicated and cares about his students. At the same time he is really sweet and brings cake. His methods may be old, but for him they work. He has great notes and his use of the prehistoric overhead projector is hugely popular because: “Overheads Rule” and “They are SWAG”.

Helpful of the year (TAP)

Eleven candidates from the technical and administrative staff got votes. The winner was Poul Sørensen of whom the students said: “Software savior”, “He’s NICE, and “Always happy, patient and in a fine mood”.

Firebrand of the year (Socially active)

22 individuals got votes along with groups such as the Study council, the study group café, the soccer team Buchner Eintracht, the party organizers and the study introduction advisors. This years winner was Emil Hansen. This year will be his fourth as study introductions advisor, so he is well known to every current yeargroup.

Calculations or laboratory teacher of the year

16 teachers were nominated. The winner was Kenneth Ebert of whom it was said: “Dishy and yummy”, “He saved organic chemistry singlehandedly”, “He is a friend”, and that he was always well prepared, gave good assignments and… Cake.

As a very special programme item the entire group of party goers recorded a special birthday video for Harry Gray, the faed CalTech chemist on the Department of Chemistry board of advisors. With Mikael Bols, Theis Brock-Nannestad, Jesper Bendix and Morten Bjerrum in the front line the gathering spoke out a birthday greeting for Gray to receive on his 80th birthday on November 14th.

See pictures from the celebration below: