3 November 2014

Leading journal hires editor from CHEM, UCPH

Chemistry career

The Journal of Physical Chemistry has appointed Associate Professor Gemma Solomon of the Department of Chemistry as an editor from December 1, 2014. Solomon will continue with her employment as a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, something she describes as a precondition for her work as an editor at the Journal of Physical Chemistry.

“It’s a great honour that the journal considers me qualified to manage other researchers' articles through to publication,” says Gemma Solomon.

Expecting to become a better scientific writer

While the soon-to-be editor will primarily be looking for peer reviewers for articles in her own field, electron transfer and transport, Solomon also expects to engage with topics that are a bit further afield.

“Without doubt, I will mainly concentrate on topics close to my own areas of expertise, but I am also happy to be broadening my scope of reading. Furthermore, I hope that this experience serves to vastly deepen my knowledge about the scientific writing process,” says Gemma Solomon, who is also a graduate level instructor of the Department of Chemistry’s course; “Scientific Writing, Planning and Presentation”.

To read more than one article each day

However, the new side job doesn’t promise much in the way of rest, as Solomon will read through roughly 400 scientific articles a year but she points out is that she will not serve as an editor for articles written by UCPH research staff.