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30 April 2014

Chemistry students found their niche

Chemistry Bachelor

A bachelor education in chemistry at the University of Copenhagen can be tailored to just about any mood a student might have. To ease the choice the Department of Chemistry hosts an annual event, where first and second year bachelors are given information and assisted to choose courses, specializations and supervisors. The net result seemed to be that tutors as well as students were pleased with the 2014 version of the event on April 25th.

Thrilled at the oportunity to sell himself

Peter Waaben Thulstrup had experimental bachelor projects in bio inorganic chemistry on offer. Projects where students would work with biological problems viewed through the lens of chemistry and spectroscopy, and he is thrilled at the opportunity to meet the students.

“My first first year course is not until block four, so I hadn’t met the students yet. I guess this “Find your niche” event is my best shot at becoming a supervisor at all”, Thulstrup says with a laugh.

He feels that taking part in the event has been unproblematic. “I’ve really only had to stand where I was asked to stand. I think it’s great, that the students come round at their own initiative, so I don’t have to market myself in competition with other academic staff”, says Associate Professor Thulstrup.

Surprising flexibility

Most students confessed to being surprised at the wide variety of choices when it comes to possible projects and supervisors. At the same time many were relieved to be able to shop around at a well planned event.

Seated infoday for first year students

First year bachelors had a somewhat more sedentary experience. In Auditorium 2 they could hear Head of Department Mikael Bols tell of the three specializations, environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry and green and sustainable chemistry and the many choices offered to those who tailor their programme. 

Rules and personal tales

Head of Studies, Solvejg Jørgensen, presented the rules for choosing courses while students Jens Heide Wallberg, Sissel Svendsen, Rasmus Borup and Kirstine Sonne all related their personal experiences regarding choice of specializations and courses.