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30 September 2015

High fives for explosive children science

Chemistry shows

When a chemistry student gets a high five from a fifth grade teacher after entertaining with coloured flames, you just know the kids got a look into some chemistry out of the ordinary for elementary school children. During the annual Danish science festival “Dansk Naturvidenskabsfestival” chemists from the outreach programme Science Childrens University or SCIENCE Skoletjeneste performed two shows a day for three days running at the PHMetropol/ Institute for schools and learning in Frederiksberg municipality and the Childrens University communicators got a lot of high fives.

Apart from the colourful chemistry shows the event at PHMetropol exhibited several smaller scientific tidbits ranging from insects to senses over trash handling to coding computer games. Here the elementary school pupils from first to tenth grade had a chance to really get down and dirty.

The leader of SCIENCE Childrens University, Torben Ingerslev Roug, was highly satisfied with his communicators.

“Safety was highly prioritized, every element was well timed and well suited to provide edutainment for an elementary school audience”, says Roug.

The communicators were chemistry students Nikolaj Kofod, Lea Gundorff, Mette Lützen Kjeldsen, Laura Finne, Emil Mickey Larsen and food chemistry student Christina Seager.