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29 April 2015

PhD chemist to meet with Nobel favourites at prestigious gathering

Nobel gathering

The southern German city of Lindau am Bodensee has played host to one of the natural science’s most prestigious annual meetings for young scientists since 1950. Since then, the Lindau Meeting has invited Nobel laureates and young researchers to a four-day convention where the most current and important questions of the day are addressed. This year, Department of Chemistry PhD student Anne Stephansen is invited to participate.

Chosen in competition against stars from all fields

“I didn’t really expect to make it through the Lindau-Nobel selection committee’s nomination process, from among such a large pool of incredibly competent nominees. Plus, people from physiology/medicine, physics and chemistry are included as participants this year. So, I wasn’t just “up against” other chemists. It is hard to believe that I have been selected and I am honoured to participate,” reports a beaming and proud Anne Stephensen.

Expects to be inspired for future research

672 students, PhD’s and postdocs from 88 countries have been invited to this year’s four-days of lectures, panel debates and workshops. For Stephensen, this year’s panoply of participants makes it impossible to walk away uninspired.

“It will be fun to see how interactions within such a diverse group lead to fruitful and inspiring discussions. Meeting with the Nobel laureates in and of itself ought to be inspiring and exciting. I hope that doing so will inject new perspectives and ideas into my current and (hopefully) future research,” says Stephansen.

"You can’t get picky when it comes to meeting Nobel laureates!

Anne Stephansen

PhD student

Department of Chemistry

University of Copenhagen

Largest gathering of former laureates

The Nobel recipients are without a doubt one of the meeting’s largest draws. And this year’s Lindau meeting will not disappoint, with a record number of 70 Nobel laureates scheduled to attend. Though, not the one that Stephansen had most hoped to meet.

“You can’t get picky when it comes to meeting Nobel laureates, but to be honest, I had hoped that Roald Hoffman – who may just be my favourite chemist – would be in attendance. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But there are a bunch of others who I am really excited to meet. In particular, Rudolph Marcus, as well as the Betzig, Moerner and Hell team who were behind the development of super resolved fluorescence microscopy,” concludes Anne Stephansen. The Danish Council for Independent Research selected the Danish participants.

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