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03 February 2012

A thousands potential chemists visit HCØ

New chemists don't spontaneously appear. When the Department of Chemistry wants new students to enrol in chemistry, the effort to arouse potential student interest becomes vital.

In an effort to generate awareness about the chemistry programme Head of Studies Anders Døssing extended a helping hand to no less than nine-hundred and eighty seven interested 1st, 2nd and 3rd year high school students during the last week of January.

These many high schoolers were at HCØ to hear about and see a chemistry lecture spiced up with with instructional experiments. The lecture, in line with tradition, offered plenty of bang and was full of exciting chemistry. Beyond the purely academic aspects of the lecture, it also served an advertising role. A five minute presentation detailed the many study programmes that Copenhagen has to offer, as well as information abut the promising jobs which await young chemists.

For five minutes, potential chemists could hear about opportunities to either customize their programmes or choose from one of the established lines, Environmental Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry or Green and Sustainable Chemistry. They also heard about unemployment which, despite the financial crisis, has continued to hover around a very low 1.8 percent for chemists. Additionally, they heard about the wide range of companies which hire chemists. These included obvious ones, like Haldor Topsøe, as well as those less obvious, such as Lego.