3 February 2012

Minister for trade visits Department of Chemistry

When ministers visit universities their fields of responsibility usually cover research or education. But on February 2nd The Department of Chemistry could welcome Pia Olsen Dyhr (SF) who is minister for trade and investment in the Thorning government.

By Jes Andersen

Chemists collaborating with industry exites minister

In just twenty minutes Professor Ole John Nielsen managed to present a number of collaborations between his Atmospheric Chemistry group and diverse members of industry. Notably Ford Motor Company for whom they have assessed climate impact of coolants for cars.

Novel aircleaning method

The minister, however,  was at the Department with a specific goal in mind. She wanted to see the prototype of the air cleaning invention patented by associate professor Matthew Johnson in 2009. The invention known as CleanAir uses an accelerated version of the natural self cleaning process of the atmosphere. Thanks to CleanAir it's possible to clean indoor air more efficiently using less energy. The minister was escorted by Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm known to many at the Department as the former chief of the Nano-Science Center.