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03 September 2015

Most international group of first year grad students welcomed

Chemistry students

“This is the most important day of the rest of your life. Now is the time when you will create networks that will evolve into great friendships and spark job opportunities for the rest of your lives,” stated Mikael Bols, as he welcomed the incoming class of chemistry graduate students.

There are 40 new graduate students on campus this year. The statistic is a record, but of special note is that half of them are international students. As such, Department Head Bols shared CHEM’s social traditions with the newcomers. In particular, he encouraged the new international students to attend the Nobel Crystal Ball on October 1, the traditional Danish Christmas lunch (‘Julefrokost’) on December 4, and the Department of Chemistry’s elegant and tradition rich Gallafest held in May.

German Master loves harbour bathing and appreciation

Another feature of the welcoming was also directed towards the incoming international students. Laura Voight, a graduate student from Hamburg, described her own initiation to the city of Copenhagen one year ago. Since then, she has come to enjoy a city where it is possible to swim in the harbour and where a bike is the perfect means of getting to and from more or less everywhere. She also reflected on her experiencing Danes as sincere and open. A couple of things have become particularly evident to her; it is incredibly easy to access professors, and her supervisor values her contributions to their research work.

Masters introduction guides

For the second year in a row, students served as introduction week supervisors. With so many students from abroad, there is an increased need for the welcome to become systematised. The Department of Chemistry extends its great thanks to Kristina Eriksen, Malte Frydenlund Jespersen, Benjamin Normann Frandsen, Kåre Vestergård Thomsen and Mille Egeberg Ottosen.