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09 July 2012

Mikael Bols selected as Head of Department of Chemistry

For staff and students at the Department of Chemistry, an already popular, well-known leader can now be found at the helm of the department. Again. Mikael Bols has headed the Department for the past four years. He has spearheaded major renovation projects, implemented two new popular lines of study and stood behind the merging of numerous areas of chemistry research at the former Faculty of Life Sciences with chemists from the Faculty of Science.

Throughout his long career, the 50-year-old Professor Bols has been active in both academia and the private sector – in Denmark and abroad. As a chemistry researcher, he has published over 100 scientific articles and taken out 5 patents. Bols was hired as Head of Department at the former Faculty of Science in 2007 and has held the post until now. As head of the Department of Chemistry he has, among other things, established a highly successful study programme in medical chemistry, as well as a new programme in an area straddling the fields of chemistry and biology, Green and Sustainable Chemistry. Professor Mikael Bols is a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.