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30 April 2014

Atmosphere prof takes course to web


That ”online coursework should be fun and inspiring,” has been one of Ole John Nielsen’s principal criteria while developing his online course. The course, Environmental Chemistry 1 (Miljøkemi 1) is an online version of an existing CHEM course that has been on offer for many years.

Professor Ole John Nielsen with On-line learning consultant Anita Monty

Popular course on line for the first time

The seven-week course was developed by Nielsen, CHEM’s Deputy Department Head for Research, together with Anita Monty, a learning consultant at ”itslearning”, an international educational consultancy. The course is created in Absalon, the University of Copenhagen’s online learning platform. Beginning in Fall of 2014, it will be offered to students in Denmark, and around the world.

Students activated by multimedia challenges

During the course, students will record selfie videos on their smartphones, watch YouTube videos, participate in discussions, complete a chemistry crossword and solve interactive tests. Ole John has made his first selfie video, ‘on location’ – in his office – and sees it as important that students are able to accomplish the same task with ease.

Concerted drive to modernize chemistry tutoring

Ole John Nielsen’s new online course is one aspect of the Department of Chemistry’s overall plan to develop chemistry instruction that compliments and deploys technologies used by students. Another of his main criteria has also been achieved: the creation of an online course should be simple. Nielsen is pleased and states, “I am impressed by how well the system functions and in fact, I find it really fun.”