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02 March 2012

Bright youngsters find their future at Science party

”One hell of a party”. That’s all you need to say to describe Open House 2012 at Science. More than 1.100 High School students had chosen to visit the H.C. Ørsted Institute to be inspired for their choice of education. All of Sciences many programmes presented themselves with equal parts fun and information..

chemistry students Anne, Kasper, Sanna, Freja, Lasse, Louise, Emil og Mette preparing for the inflow.


Chemistry students host curious visitors

At the chemistry stall in the HCØ “vandrehal” and at auditorium presentations chemistry students Anne, Kasper, Sanna, Freja, Lasse, Louise, Emil and Mette made sure that all visitor came away with exhilarating insights into the opportunities offered by an education in chemistry.Anne forklarer kemiuddannelsens opbygning til en nysgerrig gymnasieelev

Sweets and information

As all the other subjects in the hall, chemistry had decorated their booth with vocationally relevant props, but every now and then the audience was drawn to the chemistry stand with effects of a more spectacular nature.  



Sanna viser et af de mere højtydende Cirkus Naturli'vis forsøg: Brintballonen.

Visitors attracted by colours and explosions

Helping to create a festive mood, performers at primary school activity Cirkus Naturli’vis presented some of the more colourful and loud experiments that are part and parcel of their job. 



The many, varied and vivid activities ensured that the chemistry stall was constantly well visited and Head of Department Mikeal Bols was enthusiastic about what he saw.

Kasper fortæller om det gode sammenhold blandt kemistuderende

“The atmosphere was extraordinary at Open House, and I was really happy to see our present students give so much of themselves to show prospective students how attractive an education in chemistry is”, says Bols, who thanks all the students warmly. 



After almost 1.200 visitors a satisfied team of chemistry students could pack up their books, flasks and molecular models in the certain knowledge that anyone seing them in action will have come away with an image of chemistry as fun, cool and interesting.