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04 March 2014

Junior geeks beat down the doors of chemistry

Open House 14

The largest ever number of chemistry loving youth came calling at the Department of Chemistry in week nine. The occasion was the annual Open House event for the 22 SCIENCE faculty Bachelor programmes held at the faculty’s two Copenhagen addresses.

Gæster ved Åbent Hus tester lynfrosne marshmallows fra beholderen med flydende nitrogen

On Wednesday the 26th some 1.300 high school students practically stampeded a Northern Campus showcasing everything from peaceful rock samples at the geology booth to yard high flames at the chemistry booth.

Kemis bod i HCØs vandrehal blev nærmest bestormet gennem de fem timers åbningstid

Fire, frost and information

Chemistry students Signe Baggesen, Henriette Lissau, Rune Kragsberger, Rasmus Borup and Radovan Spalevic made sure that there was plenty of information and even more entertainment in the booth in the long hall at HCØ while Emilie Grothen and Christoffer Hoeck gave talks on starting a chemistry education and studying abroad. Professor Henrik Kjærgaard was in charge of Information on instruction and programmes.

Surprise crowds at Frederiksberg

At Frederiksberg Campus on Friday 28th the chemistry presence had been toned down somewhat. Due to space restrictions the programmes from Northern Campus were unable to give talks at Frederiksberg. But in compensation students Emilie Grothen, Radovan Spalevic and Rasmus Borup made sure that the 600 visitors were flocking about the chemistry booth.

Decisive differences between districts

Afterwards the three were able to tell of an interesting cultural phenomenon regarding the two venues. At HCØ most of the guests wanted to hear about the Bachelor specialization in medicinal chemistry whereas most of the visitors at Frederiksberg asked about the specializations in environmental chemistry and green and sustainable chemistry.