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03 May 2012

Royal bodyguards put on red alert by circus chemistry

A detonating hydrogen balloon is one of the signature tricks, when primary school performers “Cirkus Naturligvis” teach science. Unfortunately no one had warned the bodyguards of Danish Crown Princess Mary about this, when the Royal party visited the exhibition ”Health Environment Climate” in the Copenhagen Opera on April 24th.




Visual examples make CO2 problems more accessible

Chemistry student Freja Østerstrøm, from Cirkus Naturligvis, took part in the exhibition primarily to tell about the effect of increasing CO2 levels on life in oceans. The Cirkus had been invited because they are known to be able to explain scientific phenomena in a way that captures the imaginations of even primary school children. Performers at the Circus are all students at SCIENCE, and regardless of their subject they are all committed to having fun with science. Hence the balloon full of highly flammable hydrogen.

More bang for your scientific buck

In the Copenhagen Opera house acoustics are perfect for the kind of roar made by exploding hydrogen. So for a few seconds the gun hands of the guards hovered just over the safety catches. Until they discovered, that the report was just a natural part of this very peaceful exhibit arranged by the “Europabevægelse” on the occasion of the Danish EU presidency.

See Lorry-television about the exhibit: