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29 September 2011

OTICON-scholarships for MSc students

The OTICON fund is providing 2 scholarships of DKK 100,000 to students at the Faculty of Science. The scholarship is aimed at students that wish to undertake a research project, perhaps to improve your profile for PhD study or to complete a thesis project together with an external partner, preferably partly in the form of field work. The scholarship is awarded to students who at the time of the application are still to complete circa one year of their Masters degree.

The following criteria will be considered when awarding the scholarship:

• The student's academic performance; including study length and results.
• Evaluation of the project description's quality and relevance, including the ability to formulate a project that is understandable for a ‘non-expert' (i.e. the faculty's administrative staff).
• Recommendations from teachers, including the supervisor and contacts to the university's external partner which is interested in the project.

When considering applications, priority will be given to projects that are paired with non-universities and/or international partners. In the case of students with equally outstanding qualifications, priority will be given to the underrepresented gender within that degree.

The scholarship is of one year in duration and applicants are not able to re-apply.
The scholarship amount is DKK 100,000, where 80,000 are allocated to the student's wage and 20,000 to general costs such as equipment, travel and so on. It is up to the student to decide how to distribute and use the general costs funding. Both the wage and general costs are administrated by the Faculty of Science.

Please apply using the application form found here: Send your application together with the relevant attachments to Trine Buhl Monty, Faculty of Science, Tagensvej 16A, 2200 Copenhagen N, to be received by 1 November 2011 at 12pm at the latest. Applicants can expect to receive an answer within two weeks.

For further information please contact the International Coordinator, Trine Buhl Monty, via telephone on +45 35 32 42 35 or email trbu@science.ku.dk