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01 September 2011

KIKU lecturer published by prestigious publisher

As an author, one is in good company when published by the Oxford University Press. OUP is the world's largest university publisher at the world's second oldest university. This company has just been entered by associate professor Stephan Sauer of the Department of Chemistry.

Stephan Sauer publishes textbook on computerchemistry at Oxford University Press

The publishers have just released the book "Molecular Electromagnetism: A Computational Chemistry Approach" by KIKU chemist Stephan Sauer. The HCØ lecturer is without a doubt, quite proud.
" Many of my personal classics in chemistry and physics have been released by the publisher. I can hardly believe it. For me it will definitely mean more than all of my other publications up until now", says Sauer.

Lecturetested around the world

The book has been released in the prestigious "Oxford Graduate Text" series and is the result of a course which Sauer has taught for 12 years at universities in Corrientes (Argentina), Düsseldorf (Germany) and Copenhagen as well as at the Max-Planck Institute für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim, Germany. The fact that the book is born from teaching is of great significance to Sauer.
"I owe great thanks to all of the students who helped to get the book into its current form", says the KIKU lecturer.

Textbook for the rather advanced

Molecular Electromagnetism: A Computational Chemistry Approach is a textbook for master's or PhD courses that includes many exercises. According to plan, the publisher will make lecture slides available for instructors on OUP's website. In the near future, Sauer is planning to develop a solution manual for the textbook's multitude of exercises.
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