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07 June 2013

Presentation award for oil extractor

Science communication

Horse racing, balloons and coins were among the many props used when ten students at the Department of Chemistry, Nano-Science Center competed for attention at the annual Science Slam competition. Winner of the 2013 title was Diwaker Jha, who had used himself as a point of departure.

The clapping, screaming and whistling would not have been out of place at a pop concert, but the venue was the Science Slam competition at the Nano-Science Center on May 24, 2013. The challenge sounded simple, but was anything but. To present research in the hard sciences in just three minutes. Ten students picked up the thrown gauntlet. Among them Martin, who told of quantum physics, Maya who presented work on plant biology and Rune who related developments within materials sciences.

-Taking part was great fun.. I’m happy to have won, because so many other presentations were great,” says Diwaker, who started as a PhD student in the NanoGeoScience group just six months ago. Here he works with the group to discover methods for enhanced oil recovery from the chalky underground of Denmark.

Two prizes were awarded on the day. One from the judges and one from the audience. And Diwaker won both.

-I was madly nervous, and I’m just thrilled that it didn’t show too much. Having to distill my information was quite interesting, and in just minutes I got to present all the things I’m planning to do over the next several years”, says Diwaker. As a part of the Science Slam event, he and all the other participants had been to course on presentation-technique in the week preceeding the slam show.

Strong concept

All Masters and PhD students at the Nano Science Center and at Department of Chemistry were invited to take part of The Science Slam Event at the Nano-Science Center. It was the second of its kind, but it definitely will not be the last. Plans are already in the making for a 2014 version.

-We like this concept. It’s interesting to watch for the audience, and at the same time it’s a great way for the students to get to learn how to present their research in a clear and concise manner,” says Rikke Bøyesen who was both judge and event-maker.