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20 October 2015

Youngsters to research the Department of Chemistry

Studiepraktik 15

Finding out if a particular academic programme is likely to lead to a satisfying career can be a challenge for high school students. That’s why the Department of Chemistry is taking part in a nationwide “Studie Praktik” event that provides young Danes with an idea of what a given academic programme is like.

Chemistry enthusiasts from all over Denmark to sample chemistry 

This year, the department will welcome 30 high school students from around the country for a three-day programme during which the students will get a taste of three instructional forms: lectures, arithmetic lessons and laboratory exercises.

PhD student David Nygaard is responsible for programme planning and development, along with graduate students Emilie Nyegaard Grothen and Rasmus Mejborg Borup. Communications officer Jes Andersen is responsible for the marketing and information related tasks related to the visit. The 30 guests will visit the department from the 21-23 of October.